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    1. are you there?

    2. But as is getting to I think, there was still pressure in the WIP space to look "presentable" on some fixed date. So the negotiation over the space couldn't fully play out by itself

    3. But the idea that flexible workspaces = good has been repeated so many times we've internalised it to some extent. I think something the WIP show was right is that people working in the environment were able to transform it.

    4. I think is making good points. I think a big reason business adopted things like the open plan studio and movable furniture is that this kind of environment plays well with neoliberal business models. If you have no fixed walls it's very easy to lay off an entire department and dismantle it the next day. Modular furniture can expand and contract with the market.

    5. I agree with you in part, however I feel that the School of Communication, its structure and output continually flirts with industries that it neighbours (The Communication Industries) it understands that it is a part of that community, and as a result I don't think either spaces to be too alien from each other, or to the design of the WIP. if you placed Sculpture / CAP there then the differences / choice in materials might become more apparent. Instead of pioneering something more speculative; like filling the space with mud / making desks from the detritus of neighbouring construction sites / shit people toss in to the street, we opted for designing something that was fairly safe in its design and use of materials within the context of its location (due to building regulations) Im not disputing the fact that the WIP had a positive effect on those who chose to participate in it as a workspace, that is undeniable! but for others it didn't work and I continue to wonder what would have happened if the regulations weren't as strict, the academic staff hadn't intervened, materials weren't provided? how far would local co-working spaces be willing to go to appear "cool", and would the college have even supported this?

    6. in relation to above --- WIP show and corporate culture.... I think I disagree, I think the aesthetic of WIP was actually quite different to what surrounding corporate coworking spaces look like.... i noticed alot of ppl passing by with the 'wtf is that' expression on their face. I think the problem is that corporate structures always derive their 'look' and 'feel' from the arts sector.... elements like 'open plans' and 'easily moveable' furniture, etc.. I think maybe where we could have been more intentional was the very strange relationship of an art and design school being situated right in the middle of a corporate business park. that feels super strange to me.... like we just handed them a new coworking model to them on a silver platter... but I guess on the other side of that argument was that we disrupted that space, which is quite enjoyable

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    9. Yes!  Im glad you bought up performance, because I'm interested in talking about the studio aesthetic as something which has become mainstream / coopted by big business to create a form of branding.  In this case the studio almost becomes a set; loaded with all of the cliches that might exist within that space. its characters, its props and a mood board of visual motifs that are decided on by a board of directors.  If we were going to make a spoof of a studio what would that studio look like and how would it operate?  This cynical response formed the basis for my work at the WIP show.  The show In which we tried to redefine what a WIP show / studio might look like / operate. In part I think it achieved that (operatively), however the more I think about it, the more I think it also fell in to the trap of looking a bit like one of the co-work spaces that it was trying to distinguish itself from.  It was open plan, it had desks, it had windows on to the public, exposed brickwork and furniture that could be dismantled and easily moved out to make way to create a ‘breakout space’ ‘or meditation yurt’  So I’m wondering if we can use this space; an online studio of sorts, to think about the physical studio as something more abstract, more speculative? perhaps somewhere that sits between the private spaces we are currently using, the open spaces we are used to and somewhere totally different.

    10. I guess it could go in there too, but the two are connected I think. The studio is a kind of working environment, but it also has a certain aesthetic. Things like the piles of paper, big desks, and tools lying around. I'm also interested in the fact that the company would hire a photographer to stage these images. "Studio life" here turns from an internal activity to a performance for an external audience.

    11. Can you elaborate on why you chose this over environment?

    12. Im interested in the placement of this photo in aesthetics

    13. Much better when everyone is drawing giant ships though

    14. This all looks very familiar.

    15. And the same place, I'm guessing around mid-century.

    16. Harland & Wolff drawing office in Belfast

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    18. ruthless haha

    19. Very tricky to explain their complexities over this platform. In a nutshell I would say they’re both about making people believe they have the power to change society so the government doesn’t have to, whilst charging you for the privilege . Kinda like being a REP at the RCA ie: the college has already made its decision on this matter, we’re just calling a meeting with you to make you think we’re listening to your concerns! thanks for the fees etc

    20. How would you define those two terms?

    21. Parallels could be drawn here between this and Civic Conservatism; a Thatcherite ideology that got a bit of a make over by David Cameron’s Conservative government under the name of ‘The Big Society’

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    23. And yes, what says is right. Kind of reminds me of people in the US using gofundme to pay for their medical treatment – the stories about that are always framed as successes ( community comes together to support cancer patient ) but really they're signs of a broken system.

    24. I don't have a problem with the guy himself, it's more the kind of collective performance of calling him a hero over and over again

    25. Because the NHS should be entirely funded by taxpayers money, it shouldn’t need additional support / goodwill of people who have already had a percentage of their wages taken out to pay for it

    26. why does an old dude walking laps in his garden make you feel uncomfortble?

    27. I am in no doubt that he is

    28. I wouldn’t be surprised if that nightmare turned in to a reality

    29. He's writing the speech as we speak I'm sure

    30. I had a nightmare last night that Trump and Pence started bombing markets in China

    31. Hahahahaha watch this space

    32. I'm sure when Johnson comes back he'll bring out the "Never in the history of human conflict" quote from Churchill

    33. I think there's definitely a connection between this and World War II lore in this country. The veteran guy, but also the calling workers "heros" thing. Like those young fighter pilots in the war.

    34. I’m hopeful for Keir Starmer

    35. Well maybe they are? who knows? A lot of people with no money are voting Tory these days

    36. Well no but you know what I mean

    37. Well they're not actually emptying their pockets are they

    38. Because it’s probably the brexity / Tory scum who are emptying their pockets sponsor him

    39. That makes me feel uncomfortable

    40. By walking lengths in his back garden

    41. What I find weirder is the old dude who’s raised over £17 million for the NHS

    42. All of these local police departments are making a point of filming themselves doing it, too. I can't even really describe why these things make me uncomfortable.

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    44. I wonder if any other country is doing the weekly clapping thing? I think it's the weirdest shit

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    47. That’s hilarious

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    49. This is the end https://www.curbed.com/2020/3/26/21193949/zoom-background-options-images-home-interior

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    51. the yale gym ...

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    52. nice

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    54. Legit branding on top of that letter...

    55. And this from a few weeks ago

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    58. Interesting contrast to this

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    60. Finally got the "Letter from the prime minister" today

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